Goodbyes . . . :o(

I know this won’t mean anything at all to many of you reading this blog, but a lot of people back home will kill me if i don’t give them a mention! So, to all my friends . . thanks for being there for me and make sure you keep in touch :o)

Sammy, you fruit loop! Take care and i look forward to catching up with your “eventful” life when i return!
Tom, get your pilots licence so you can take me flying and scare the s**t out of me!
Matt, i’ll hold you to that weekend in Amsterdam when i get back ;o) Beijos grandes meu amigo!
Kath, wicked new year, thanks so much. You’re a star & i hope to meet up with you in Oz!
Tony, i hope i’ll prove you wrong and stick it out travelling on my own :o)
Gloria and Darren, you’re ace guys, take care of each other . . F1 and print ;o)
Keeley, my little moose, i’m so excited for you, Phil and bump! Look after yourselves and keep me updated . .
Alex, go get that £50,000 job in London! Hope married life continues to treat you well :o)
Stuart, you’ll have to find someone else to beat you at Pool, tee hee! ;o)
Esther, my God, i’m doing what you did 10 years ago!!! Looking forward to visiting you (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and keep me updated on what will soon be the Abraham family!
Diane, don’t get married before i get back! Really happy for you girl :o)
Ali, scally wag! You’re fab! Hope you and Steve continue to be really happy together :o)
And, last but not least, my parents . . Mum, don’t worry! I know it’s easier said than done but at the end of the day i’m only a 12 hour plane journey away. What’s more, you’ll be a wizz on the internet by the time i return!

Gonna miss all of you loads . . .

It’s now monday the 2nd of January so just over a week to go now before i leave everything i know for everything i don’t know . . . !!!


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